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“Fortunately we are used to being able to work under tight deadlines with Egeniq, so that was less of a worry.”

Barry de Bruin, Director IT - Pathé Theatres

“Like no other, Egeniq was able to bridge the gap between our world of mobility services and their world of technology. The team came up with the solutions for our business issues and developed a powerful and reliable platform.”

Quinten Passchier, Business Owner at RMC
Peter Verhage Egeniq

“Our assignment for RMC was an exciting experience with a beautiful end result. The platform we developed for RMC is not only for passengers, but also for all kinds of employees of the company.

The ingenious device identification / mapping system we developed is a good example of this. This allows the employees at the RMC Central to transfer specific data to a specific vehicle, without having to do any configuration in the vehicle itself. This has been a great asset to RMC: the communication between the exchange and their vehicles is much smoother and more efficient as a result.”

Peter Verhage, CTO / Founder at Egeniq

“As Mediahuis we have developed an agnostic player service called AgnoPlay. AgnoPlay enables us to deploy and maintain an infinite number of players with different configurations from a central point. Until now we had used an “off the shelf” product, THEOplayer, for the player component within AgnoPlay. A great video player that has worked well for us in recent years. However, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to be more in control of the player component. As a result, we ultimately chose the open source solution of VideoJS, the player with the largest footprint in the world. In order to develop a player based on VideoJS that would fully meet our needs, we were looking for a party that could help us with this. Based on past experience and proven quality, we eventually ended up at Egeniq. They have demonstrated several times that they are specialists in this field. In addition, it is simply a very nice team to work with, because they continuously anticipate the wishes of me as a customer.”

Patrick Knopjes, Operations Manager Video at Mediahuis
Thijs Damen Egeniq

“The Pathé Thuis Video on Demand platform is an interesting and versatile project, where we can apply everything we have in-house at Egeniq.

As a solution to the problem, we have built a platform that abstracts the underlying systems via a powerful API. This makes it easier for Pathé to change backend systems and still keep the features in the front-ends the same. The platform consists of a number of services that can be scaled individually to meet the demand of the client apps.”

Thijs Damen, Lead Developer at Egeniq

“Pathé Thuis had the ambition to quickly belong to the top of the Dutch Video on Demand offer. This includes a technical strategy that is finely tuned to our proposition: Egeniq was able to realize a platform and apps that do justice to this ambition.”

Thomas van de Weerd, Product Owner at Pathé Thuis
Jan Jaap Nijemeisland egeniq

“It was great to be part of the team that created the solution for showing accurate, real-time waiting times for all attractions and shows in the Efteling theme park. Maximizing the guest user experience by providing a perfectly timed boarding pass was fantastic to witness up close.

In this project, Egeniq worked together with various parties, internally within the company and with product owners, as well as with engineers and the waiting system & ticket machines.”

Jan Jaap Nijemeisland, Project Manager & Scrum Master at Egeniq