NPO Luister:

Listens to your requests

npo luister app built by Egeniq

Have you already got it? NPO Luister, the one and only free app for all podcasts, launched by the Dutch public service broadcaster. The app, containing more than 400 podcasts and developed by Egeniq’s team, enables you to choose exactly what you want to listen to. For example, news bulletin discussions or stories about true crimes. There is always something to enjoy, at each moment and for each mood.

Personalised tips

What’s particularly special about the NPO Luister app is that you automatically receive tips based on your listening behaviour. This personalisation is very useful because it keeps you updated about all podcasts available. But you can, of course, also search the library yourself by typing in a description or a title. Next, the app includes several categories, so you can immediately see which podcasts are playing.

Because you have your own library, you can find all your podcasts and downloads at one organised location. And gaining access to free podcasts is not the only thing that NPO Luister has to offer. You can also use it to listen to your favourite radio stations. The app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. Entirely for free!

Technical challenges

In this project, the big advantage for Egeniq’s team was that the radio apps were already there. It was Egeniq’s task to extend them technically. Here, the challenges particularly included making sure that the podcasts would run smoothly without any hitches and that they would be directly available for playing. It is important that users have direct access to a podcast without having to wait in a queue. There’s nothing more annoying than that! We took care of these issues by developing a solution that enables the app to load very quickly, while all podcasts can be played smoothly at all times without any problems. Even if a large number of people use the app at the same time.

Another challenge was formed by the integration of Egeniq’s extended technology into NPO’s recommendation module. This module contains algorithms that determine which personal recommendations should be shown in your app. By the use of big data, you will be offered those podcasts that you may find interesting. Thanks to our team’s expertise and its earlier experiences in working with NPO, Egeniq again managed to integrate its system successfully into the module. And as a result, NPO Luister really ‘listens’ to your requests!