RTL - BankGiro Miljonairs

Experience how it feels to be sitting on the participant’s chair in the most nerve-racking quiz of the Netherlands: Bankgiro Millionaires

bankgiro miljonairs app coding

How is it to participate in BankGiro Millionaires? At the request of the broadcasting agency RTL, Egeniq developed the BankGiro Millionaires app. Relaxing comfortably on your own couch, this app enables you to experience how it feels to sit in the chair of the participant in the most tantalising show of the Netherlands.

The game

15 multiple-choice questions, 4 alternative answers, 3 help lines. If the participant answers all 15 questions correctly, he or she wins the first prize of 1 million euros. That’s what’s at stake in the BankGiro Millionaires quiz, which has returned to Dutch television since May 2019 and is hosted by Robert ten Brink.

When watching from home, the questions often seem so easy. But are they really? With the app that Egeniq developed for RTL, you can now test how much you actually know.

The BankGiro Millionaires app offers you 15 questions about various subjects. Next, for each question, you are offered 4 answers, of which 1 is the correct one. Just as in the television quiz, you may consult 3 help lines:

  • Ask the audience;
  • Call a friend
  • Or use the 50/50 option and cross off 2 wrong answers.

Obviously, these help lines require the necessary degree of technology behind the scenes. In order to experience the excitement of the possibility to win such a large amount of money, you play for 1 million euros. That is, not really of course. Because with so many clever people in this country, we couldn’t possibly grant a prize of this magnitude without going bankrupt! You see, you can download the app for free. And it is suitable for all ages.

Technology behind the app

When RTL asked us to create this app, the deadline was very tight because the first show was just around the corner. This meant that in little time a well-functioning and good-looking app had to be available! So, enthusiastically and determined, Egeniq’s team went straight to work.

BankGiro Miljonairs is a Unity-app our code simultaneously works on both Android and iOS. Via Unity, the app is automatically transferred to both formats. The advantage of working in Unity is that the app only has to be written once, and that there are no deviations among platforms. Unity is mostly used for 2D and 3D games. Yet, we managed to make a fairly simple User Interface with strikingly rich visuals. This achievement has made us very proud of the end result!