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Our vacancies

As a Scrum Master / Project Manager with a technical background you are the link between our customer and team with developers.
Are you looking for an awesome part-time job in Marketing & Communication? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you!
We’ve been building apps at Egeniq for over a decade. And we’re still learning every single day. We’re constantly striving to improve our processes and techniques, and we would love you to play a part in shaping our future! Creating innovative, progressive, cross-platform apps with smart solutions is our core business. That is what we do daily.
Our (back-end) stack consists of TypeScript, NodeJS and AWS, backed by Serverless and/or CDK, but we also have PHP based projects. We're looking for a talented Back-end Cloud developer to join our team.
Developing creative apps is in our blood. We are experts in making smart, innovative and progressive apps of the very best quality. With more than 38 specialists in-house, we work on achieving this every day.
We have been building apps for over a decade, and our team is still learning every single day. We aim to constantly improve our processes and techniques, and we want you to play a part in shaping Egeniq’s future! Creating first-class innovative and progressive apps with smart solutions is our core business, regardless of the platform or device. That is our daily business.
Passion, scalability, achievements, safety, and architecture. That’s Egeniq in five words. We are an innovative and pioneering team that is looking for one more important player: you! You may be the front-end web developer who can make our team complete. Someone with extensive experience in working with modern JavaScript frameworks, such as Vue.js, HTML, and CSS. Someone who is always aware of the latest trends and developments.
So, you are the whizz who knows everything about mobile and voice? Who is so unique that no vacancy text can fully capture your capabilities? Come and show us! Can we invite you for coffee? .

Our internships

Do you get up in the morning with your head full of ideas which you can’t wait to realise by developing nice apps and fun programmes? Are you now in your last year of training, and are you looking for an interesting graduation training? Egeniq offers you various interesting graduation assignments.
Are you an (online) marketing talent who wants to become a marketeer? Then we are looking for you! Do you want to join a challenging internship with lots of opportunities to learn the ins and outs of the trade, and do you like technology? Then our team of app enthusiasts is waiting for you.
Do you get up in the morning with your head full of ideas which you can’t wait to realise by developing an Android app? And when using your apps, do you see in an instant what could be improved, and do you want to be the one to do this? Then we share the same passion! Have you already started a training trajectory for becoming a software engineer, or are you about to?
Are you a real Apple fan too? Are you always amazed by the wearables and gadgets of this fantastic brand? Do you want a job that synchronises with your only true hobby, which is Apple? Is this why you recently started your software engineer training trajectory?

Smart products are made at Egeniq

We at Egeniq speak, listen and breathe mobile technology. This approach has enabled us – as a young knowledge company – to add big names to our customer list, such as Pathé, RTL Nederland, Talpa and FD Media Group. And many more.

The combination of extensive know-how and a broad range of practical experience results in the smartest apps for multiple platforms. Do you need an app for a wearable or a smartphone? It makes no difference to us. And neither does the method of use: typing, voice, movement? As long as it works. And makes an impression.

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