Hello iOS developer intern, we are Egeniq!

Are you a real Apple fan too? Are you always amazed by the wearables and gadgets of this fantastic brand? Do you want a job that synchronises with your only true hobby, which is Apple? Is this why you recently started your software engineer training trajectory?

Egeniq shares your passion for Apple. When joining us, you will become a member of a cool team of digital nomads. During your internship, you and your dedicated colleagues will be engaged in developing new iOS apps and improving the apps already created by Egeniq. We will teach you the tricks of the iOS software engineering trade, while you inspire us with innovative ideas and suggestions for possible improvements. You will offer us a fresh perspective.

And Egeniq will offer you flexible hours. Sometimes, you’ll be working in a team, and sometimes on location with one of our clients. No more than a just few months are required for you as our valued intern to become a true iOS-developer. Moreover, during this period, we will fully benefit from your support and refreshing views on our iOS-activities.

This is you

  • You are studying to become a software engineer, but you are not a programmer.
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge and learning from others.
  • You make cool things of which you are proud, or you want to learn to do this.

This is what you can do at Egeniq

  • With your personal approach to creating apps, you make a real difference.
  • Each and every day, you learn more from your activities and from those of your colleagues.
  • You work at a place of your choice where you feel the most comfortable, or where in our view you can perform on an optimum level while using your own tools and devices.

This is what we expect from you

  • You are given ample opportunity to draw up your own internship plan.
  • We can come to you with questions about iOS. WatchOS and tvOS., and expect you to give us your fresh and objective opinions. If you do not know all the answers yet, you will actively and independently search for creative and effective solutions.
  • You make an in-depth study of Swift, which is entirely your thing
  • You have already started a training programme in the area of IT or Computer Sciences.
  • You are talented and passionate. And you are curious about the possibilities of programming. In everything that you do, these traits are visible.

Is this you?

Please contact us. Send us your CV and a motivation, and we will get back to you asap. Is the above not entirely what you are looking for, but do you like the idea of working at Egeniq? Feel free to view our other vacancies or send an open application.

What you can expect


1st Meeting

Office meeting


Welcome in our team :)

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Are they your future colleagues?

Johan Kool

Senior Software Engineer

Thijs Damen

Software Engineer