We make first-class apps. Smart, innovative and ground breaking. For any platform or device. In a nutshell: creating apps is what makes us happy. In today’s world, apps have become a lifeline. What’s the most effective way of dispersing information on bulk waste collection dates? Through an app. Do you want to have the next-gen Fortnite built into your smartwatch? We will design an app. And what about a new backend for your web shop? An app may be the answer. And Egeniq is the one to go to. Why? Because we will jump at every opportunity to use our knowledge and expertise for helping you to improve your business.

Technological challenge? Yes please! The sky is the limit.

Native apps, web apps but also a backend. Either connected or not. Do you want a native app? No problem; we will make separate systems for Android and iOS. This seems a rather complex approach, but we know what we are doing. We will use a ‘shared architecture’, so there’s no overlap in tasks involved. Apart from developing systems, we also offer advice and support. This gives us a chance to share with you our specific know-how and experience, and help you create strategies that help you stay ahead of the curve.

This is how we do it

Towards the best results in three steps. This is what you can expect from us.

What do you want to achieve? What message do you want to convey and how? Do you want to use one particular device or multiple systems? Extensive and frequent consultation will enable us to map out your wishes and requirements thoroughly. And based on this information, we will design for you a product of top-notch quality.

To make sure that your app gets the looks it deserves, we work closely together with a designer. And since the success of your app largely stands or falls on its design, this collaboration is enormously important. Based on our technological expertise, we will instantly be able to tell you what is feasible. In this way, we will achieve more in less time, and create a design that is complete and balanced on all levels. This approach saves time and is cost-effective.

In this stage, we will have a lot of contact to collect all the information we need from you and to decide whether the design still needs adjustments. As soon as we have obtained a clear picture of what you want, we will start with the development of your app.

Do you have difficulty with issues such as the formulation of your strategy or the interaction with a designer? Or do you only want advice or support in these areas? Everything is possible. We love to be your sparring partner.

Generating code, making use of API-s and linking libraries. It’s all part of the game. Luckily, we have already mapped out all complexities, as well as the less difficult problems, for that matter. Since we are always one step ahead, the app’s development process will not take as long as you might think.

Most time will be spent on testing the app. Because honestly, if your app crashes all the time, you’re quickly done, right? I would think so. So, when your app hits the stores and becomes available to everyone, it has to work perfectly, of course. We don’t go for less than a five-star review.

Your app has entered the market and is a great success. So, what do you do next? Sit back and relax? We wouldn’t think so. You see, the world around you and your app has a way of moving ahead. And this means that you must move with it. Therefore, you will have to keep modernising your app; adjusting it to the platform, or adding voice steering, to name some examples. Who knows what possibilities the future will bring. But whatever happens, we will stay at your side for exploring new ideas and possibilities, if you want us to. So, you can continue to distinguish yourself in the market. And this is what gives us energy!

By the way: our code is your code. The grass is sometimes greener elsewhere; we get it. Do you prefer to do the maintenance and further development of your app yourself or do you want to approach someone else? No problem. We don’t work with lock-ins. We just want you to have the best app.

Some Brands We Work For

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You are looking for a company that develops exciting apps, responsive websites, and backend APIs. Voice-steered of course, because typing is so 2018! Well, you have come to the right place. Egeniq can take care of the entire development trajectory, or support your own development team. Even other app developers are welcome. Together we know and can do more.

Want to share your ideas with us or have another question? Please contact us via the contact form. Request a quote for your app? Fill out the quote form and we will process your request immediately, after which we will contact you as soon as possible.

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A lot of knowledge and pure craftsmanship. That is what it’s all about. Together with extensive expertise and an almost uncontrollable desire to share it. From responsive websites to voice-steered Google Assistant apps. It is our limitless ambition that makes Egeniq different. Better. It enables us to make crystal-clear analyses of what should be done for our clients. And to suggest and deliver the best solutions. Not only in terms of the right app, but also when it comes to architecture and consultancy.

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Way of working

The world is changing every nano-second, bit after bit. And so are our software engineers. Their collective knowledge and practical experience are constantly growing, day after day. In designing the perfect app for you, no challenge is too big for them.