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Dynamic Font Sizes With Jetpack Compose

November 28th, 2023|

Are you having trouble coding your Dynamic font sizes with Jetpack compose? In this article our colleague Oya Canli will explain in simple terms and useful examples how you can code this too.

  • how to make widgets in swift egeniq

Making widgets in swift

September 6th, 2022|

Widgets on Android are interactive mini-apps or extensions of a larger app. For example, you can display the weather overview, a mini music player on the phone's home page, or an interactive background. This article is about the basic set up of a widget on iOs. This article provides you with instructions and examples that you can easily follow.


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nederlandse loterij en egeniq
pathe thuis en egeniq
rpo and egeniq
mvw en egeniq
rtl and egeniq
  • Adding Wedge and Touch to Angle Input Control in SwiftUI

Adding Wedge and Touch to Angle Input Control in SwiftUI

March 20th, 2022|

Last time it was showed how you can write a control for inputting an angle. This time we are improving the look of the control as well as adding touch input. If you are interested in coding it yourself, there are good and easily followable examples of coding in this article.

  • Angle Input Control with SwiftUI

Angle Input Control with SwiftUI

March 13th, 2022|

The idea for this is quite simple: draw a shape consisting of two lines on screen representing an angle between 0 and 90 degrees using SwiftUI.