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An important aspect in the quality of our team members’ work is the use of the proper tooling. At Egeniq, we have a standard tooling set for the QA in addition to the relevant test devices:

  • Charles Proxy
  • Screen sharing
  • AirDroid
  • QuickTime Player
  • Postman

Each test case and each type of app require their own specific tooling. Next, we give a short explanation of these tools and how they are used within Egeniq.

Charles Proxy

The name already largely hints at what this tool stands for: Charles Proxy is actually a proxy server. However, much more can be done with Charles Proxy than merely viewing API calls. With the right settings, the tool can give an insight into what happens in the backend of  the app.

What we also do quite regulary is rewriting API-responses. This can help when testing certain use-cases. And what is also possible via Charles Proxy is retrieving the API’s response.

Experience has shown, however, that to be able to use Charles Proxy, a few requirements must be borne in mind. developers must facilitate the use of Charles Proxy has to be ensured that in principle only test/staging versions of Charles Proxy can be used the mobile device, the correct certificate must be downloaded and activated those who use a VPN: First start up Charles Proxy and only then turn on the VPN Just as with every other tooling, Charles Proxy has many other possibilities. For example throttling, facilitating API-calls from other endpoints or blocking API-calls. Depending on the type of app and what exactly has to be tested, it is also useful to become an expert in other options of Charles Proxy.

Screen Sharing

Something that we try to do as often as possible at Egeniq is organising screen sharing sessions. Because one picture still says more than 1000 words.

For a QA this is also a must-do. Particularly for offering the QA the opportunity to explain what he or she sees, a good screen sharing session is effective. This can be done via a video call with, for example, Slack or Google Meet.

Screen sharing is not only important in a call. In tickets too, a good image of the bug is essential in obtaining a good impression of its exact nature. This information can help the developers a great deal in solving the bug.

Here, it is preferable to use the screen sharing or screenshot options of the device itself. But of course also other devices can be used to make a video or photograph.


AirDroid is an application for Android that has been extended substantially lately. Currently, it is a very comprehensive tool that includes several options and suboptions.

At Egeniq, it is particularly used by the QA-s. The  following functionalities of AirDroid are most often worked with:

  • Screen mirroring for Android
  • Screen control (also remotely) for Android
  • Photo and video downloading for both iOS and Android
  • Clipboard for both iOS and Android
  • Uploading APK-files

Because for tasks such as the downloading of photos and videos, the use of the clipboard, and the uploading of an APK-file Airdroid does not require the use of a cable, this tool works a lot faster for us than all other types of tooling.

QuickTime Player

Now the only option left that we need and that Airdroid does not offer, is screen mirroring for iOS devices. Here, QuickTime Player comes in. By connecting the iOS-device to the computer, movie recordings can be made via QuickTime Player.

That is about all that can be done with QuickTime Player for iOS devices, but that does not matter. A good screen recording tool always comes in handy.

Written by Rianne Houtman

QA Engineer

Do you have a problem? Rianne loves puzzles. Her favourite thing to do is to come up with a solution that makes you say: well, why did I not think of that myself. Perfect, for a QA-specialist.

Published on: April 12th, 2021


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