Hello graduate intern, we are Egeniq!

Do you get up in the morning with your head full of ideas which you can’t wait to realise by developing nice apps and fun programmes? Are you now in your last year of training, and are you looking for an interesting graduation training? Egeniq offers you various interesting graduation assignments.

Is mobile development your favourite area of interest? Our Android and iOS teams are looking for a new colleague. Or do you prefer creating hybrid apps, and do you have experience in working with React-Native or another new technology, or do you want to expand your knowledge in these fields? In that case, we also have a spot for you, a fun place where you can learn a lot! Does your passion include backend? Are you willing and able to convert cool designs into frontend solutions or do you want to further improve yourself in these arts? Then, Egeniq is exactly what you are looking for!

You will find yourself in a pleasant and relaxed working environment with colleagues who share your passion. And together with these people, you will be engaged in the development of cool wearables and gadgets. You will be free to work on the assignment of your choice. We have several projects for you, but who know, perhaps you have a perfect plan that can serve as the basis for your end assignment.

This is you

  • You are now in the last year of your software engineering study.
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge and learning from others.
  • You make cool things of which you are proud, or you want to learn to do this.

This is what you can do at Egeniq

  • With your personal approach to creating apps you make a real difference.
  • Each and every day, you learn more from your activities and from those of your colleagues.
  • You work at a place of your choice, where you feel the most comfortable, or where in our view you can perform on an optimum level while using your own tools and devices.

This is what we expect from you

  • You are given ample opportunity to realise your graduate assignments. In this process, we can either supervise you, or let you draw your own plan.
  • We will gladly make use of your fresh perspective on software engineering. This is why we will regularly ask you for your opinion and for solutions. We expect you to come up with nice and innovative ideas and answers.
  • You will focus on at least one programming language and learn all ins and outs of it.
  • You are in the final year of your IT or Computer Sciences training programme.
  • You are talented and passionate. You are curious about the possibilities that online marketing has to offer. In everything that you do, these traits are visible.

Is this you?

    • Please contact us. Send us your CV and a motivation, and we will get back to you asap. Is the above not entirely what you are looking for, but do you like the idea of working at Egeniq? Feel free to view our

other vacancies

    • or send an

open application


What you can expect


1st Meeting

Office meeting


Welcome in our team :)

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Are they your future colleagues?

Jessica Henneman

Marketing / Account Manager

Jan Jaap Nijemeisland

COO / Project Manager