Hello marketeer intern, we are Egeniq!

Are you an (online) marketing talent who wants to become a marketeer? Then we are looking for you! Do you want to join a challenging internship with lots of opportunities to learn the ins and outs of the trade, and do you like technology? Then our team of app enthusiasts is waiting for you.

We are looking for someone to join us in the creation and execution of marketing strategies that will optimise our business. We will ask you to study particular marketing issues and carry out the ensuing policies. We will train you in such a way that by the end of your internship, you can tell everybody that you are a professional marketeer. And in turn, you will surprise us with your fresh ideas and innovative approach to our tasks and activities.

This is you

  • You are studying to become a marketeer on middle vocational, higher vocational or pre-university level.
  • You enjoy sharing your knowledge and you are a hands-on go-getter.
  • You have good communicative skills and you know how to organise and plan your marketing work.
  • You have sufficient knowledge of technology and the development of apps and/or websites.

This is what you can do at Egeniq

  • You will find yourself in a relaxed team that is happy to help and support you.
  • Your work is challenging.
  • There is sufficient space and time to work on the further development of specific skills.
  • You work at a place of your choice, where you feel the most comfortable, or where in our view you can perform on an optimum level while using your own tools and devices.

This is what we expect from you

  • You are given ample opportunity to draw up and realise your own personal internship plan.
  • We can come to you with questions about topics such as the app-market, social media, or content. If you do not know all the answers yet, you will actively and independently search for creative and effective solutions.
  • You understand data analyses and you are able to translate them into valuable leads.
  • You have already started an online marketing training trajectory.
  • You are talented and passionate. You are curious about the possibilities that online marketing has to offer. In everything that you do, these traits are visible.

What you can expect


1st Meeting

Office meeting


Welcome in our team :)

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Your future colleague?

Jessica Henneman

CMO / Project Manager