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Pathé at Home: a passion for movies, also at home

Pathé at Home was created with one important goal in mind: the possibility to watch the best movies also at home. It has by now become quite obvious that the transfer of Pathé’s passion for movies to the Dutch tv-watchers’ homes is a success. At the present moment, Pathé at Home is one of the largest video-on-demand providers in the Netherlands. It is available on smart TVs, cable set-top boxes, iPads, Android, Microsoft Xbox and the web.

Pathé at Home gives you access to the greatest, most breath-taking, and most funny movies exactly when it suits you best. Every week, Pathé at Home adds the newest movies to its large selection in HD-quality.

Challenges during the platform’s development

During the creation of the Pathé at Home platform, we had to overcome a number of challenges. First, we wanted to offer the end user a consistent product. Everyone had to be able to enjoy the same level of viewing experience, regardless of the platform. There could be no difference between watching Pathé at Home on an iPad or on a smart TV.

The second challenge was related to the large amount of back-end systems, like CRM VoD Management, DRM, streaming video, payment providers and many other applications. The platform had to run effortlessly with these systems.

The last obstacle had everything to do with performance. Friday or Saturday night, for example, may be your favourite times to watch a good movie, or a lazy rainy Sunday afternoon. But because you are probably not the only one who finds these moments attractive, the system had to be able to accommodate large numbers of viewers effortlessly. This means that annoying interruptions and screen glitches were considered unacceptable. A perfect viewing experience for everyone was the major objective.

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Short lines and hands-on-mentality

It was no coincidence that Pathé at Home approached Eqeniq for building a platform. Pathé had consciously been looking for a smaller party with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm. What Pathé at Home particularly appreciates about us is our short communication lines and our hands-on-mentality. Moreover, to us Pathé at Home is not a number, but a full-fledged partner with whom we collaborate in making an excellent product. That is why we are proud to be still working for Pathé at Home up to this day, and to be able to continue our creative input in further extending the platform.