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Collaboration between the regional broadcasting companies and the NOS

RPO - Regio Exchange built by egeniq

For years now, the NOS and the 13 regional broadcasting companies in the Netherlands have been engaged in a close collaboration. This partnership once started on the radio and was then extended towards the regional blocks of the NOS news television broadcasts of 12.00 and 15.00 o’clock. Later on, regional news bulletins were added to NOS’ website and the NOS-app.

Egeniq is proud to announce that we have recently contributed to the next step in this cooperation. It has now become possible for the users of the websites and apps of regional broadcasting companies to access the major NOS news issues in a wink. In turn, NOS website visitors and app users can retrieve the news of regional broadcasters of their choice. Thanks to an ingenious system, Region Exchange makes it possible to convert news content in both directions.

Regio Exchange: how does it work?

Egeniq has developed the technology behind this new site and app functionality, called Region Exchange, which enables the exchange of new items. A true challenge, since many broadcasters have their own systems based on different technologies, all of which had to be integrated. To be able to use the new functionality, users must download the latest versions of the region apps. When first using the app and the website of a regional broadcaster, they are asked via a pop-up if they want to see the national and regional news of the NOS. Next, the most important items are shown, labelled with a clearly visible NOS-logo.

NOS website and app users also see a pop-up. In this case, it is asked if they want to access news in their region. After clicking on the pop-up, they can select 1 or 2 regional broadcasters of regional news items. This selection can always be changed again later on. Next, the most important news items of the regional broadcasters selected are shown, with the NOS-logo on the front page of the website.

A great new step in a long-time collaboration

Regio Exchange is a great new step in a collaboration between the regional broadcasting companies and the NOS that goes back years. News items of both editorial departments are directly transferred to the app and the website of the other party. In this way, all broadcasters involved show their readers that they approve of the quality of one another’s content. And the winners of this arrangement are of course the users. They are given instant access to the major international, national, and regional news. They no longer have to address multiple different sources to be informed about what is happening in the world.