Hey Google, talk to Pathé!

The Pathé voice app for movie lovers

google assistant with pathe app built by Egeniq

Pathé Google Home

Pathé is the first and largest cinema brand in the Netherlands – and with a good reason. Not only does Pathé offer a broad and diverse movie assortment, it also makes use of the newest techniques, such as Dolby Cinema and 4DX.

Egeniq already built various apps for Pathé in the past, like the Android & iOS apps, and also created apps for smartwatches.

So, what’s next? The Pathé Google Home voice app!

Ask Charlie all you want to know about Pathé movies

Back in the early days, booking a movie ticket meant that you had to open the Pathé website or app. Then, you had to type in the title of the movie that you were looking for. With the arrival of the virtual Pathé-assistant Charlie, this is no longer necessary. Charlie, the name of the Rooster on the Pathé logo (its founder Charles Pathé) will be your guide.

How does it work? You are watching television, and you see an advert of a movie that you like. No need to write down the movie’s title. Just relax on your couch with a soda in your one hand and popcorn in the other, and call out to your Google assistant: “Hey Google, talk to Pathé! Put ‘The Lion King’ on my watch list.” Immediately afterwards, this movie is then added to your personal watch list. And when you log in to the Pathé website or app, you can directly retrieve it.

Do you feel like going to the cinema tonight? In this case too, you can simply ask Charlie which movies are on tonight and what they are about. Plus: you can ask Charlie to book your ticket(s). It can’t get any easier than that. And what’s more: Charlie gives answers to the following questions:

  • Which movies are playing in IMAX?
  • Which movies are playing in Pathé De Munt?
  • Which cinemas are there near me?
  • What is Parasite about?
  • Can I go with my children to Sonic?

Egeniq is the creator of this smart technology.

google assistant with pathe app built by Egeniq_2

We designed the Pathé voice app on the basis of Dialogflow. This is a development tool that helps in generating smart conversations. And in this context, ‘smart’ means that the app-end user does not have to ask exactly the right question in order to receive the information that he/she wants to obtain.

To pull this off, we make use of a number of example sentences. For instance, the questions mentioned earlier: “Which movies are playing tonight?” or: “Which cinemas are there near me?” If a question is asked that is similar to one of the example sentences, Dialogflow understands which question is (likely) being referred to.

To make these smart conversations possible, Dialogflow uses Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is a technology that enables apps to comprehend human conversations and to produce sensible responses.

Advantages of Dialogflow

A great advantage of Dialogflow as compared to other similar platforms is that it is easy to integrate this technology with various communication channels (for example, Google Assistent, Facebook Messenger or Twitter).

In addition, thanks to Dialogflow, Charlie gradually increases his knowledge about the wishes of the users. As a result, it is easier to improve the user experience by implementing adjustments.