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Pathé Bioscopen app built by Egeniq

Egeniq develops app for Pathé Cinemas

With no less than 28 movie theatres, Pathé is the cinema market leader in the Netherlands. Every day, Pathé provides all the newest movies for young and old. Whether you prefer action, romantic feel-good movies, comedy or horror, Pathé is the place to be. So, call some friends, get a large bowl of popcorn, and enjoy!

Pathé aspires to be the most sophisticated cinema chain in the Netherlands. It makes use of the latest technical innovations in the area of film, such as IMAX, VDX, Dolby Cinema and Pathé Relax Seats. And Egeniq is currently supporting Pathé in modernising its reservation process with the Pathé app. This app is available for Android and iOS.

The app provides you with a complete overview of all movies shown in the Pathé cinemas. And what’s more, you can order your tickets in the app by one simple click. Handy: now you always have your tickets within reach!

The all-in-one app

The Pathé app shows you a complete overview of all movies that are playing throughout the Netherlands in the Pathé cinemas. In addition, you can book seats and order tickets in the app by one simple click. Handy: now you always have your tickets within reach!

You can also use the app to:

  • look up the list of movies playing in the Pathé cinema in your region;
  • add a favourite Pathé cinema and view its movie list;
  • check your own ticket/movie history;
  • order tickets for large blockbusters; the app has a waiting row that prevents it from crashing. In this way, you are always sure of obtaining a ticket.

Google Home Assistant

Recently, we connected the Pathé app to Google Home Assistant. So, as from now, you can access the information in the Pathé app via your (Android) smartphone, Wear OS-smartwatch, soundbar, bluetooth speaker, head phone or Google Home. By saying ‘Hey Google’, followed by ‘Talk to Pathé’, the connection with the app is established, and you can ask your questions. Learn more about the connection between the app and Google Home.

app Pathé Bioscopen

Apple pay

Egeniq made it possible to make payments in the iOS Pathé App via Apply Pay. So, now it is easy and safe to pay for your tickets via the app with your iPhone, Apple Watch or another device. Read more about it here.

The technology behind the app

In order to create the app, different systems had to be connected, among which some of the internal systems of the cinema.

Developing the app entailed some technological challenges. In order to be able to create a natural conversation flow, we first made an interaction design that included texts. This approach enabled us to maximise the app’s performance in this respect.

Obviously, we also wanted the app to be used for the reservation of tickets for the releases of big blockbusters. When a popular movie is released, for example a new James Bond, large numbers of people start to order tickets concurrently. That is why we included a waiting row function in the app. When reserving a ticket, you are placed in a waiting row. In this way, the app will not crash and you will be sure of obtaining a seat.

Another challenge with respect to connecting the app to Google Home Assistant was posed by the pronunciation of the name ‘Pathé’. Due to the ‘é’-sound, Google had sometimes difficulty in recognising this word. In solving this issue, we worked closely together with Google.

Pathé Bioscopen app

Ongoing innovation activities for Pathé Cinemas

We are still fully engaged in the further development of this app. It is our intention to extend it and make even smarter. Soon, it should be possible to buy a ticket through speech recognition. Furthermore, in the follow-up of the design process, we are planning to take all questions and reviews in connection with this app into consideration!