Smart September #4

In this fourth and final session of the “Smart September” series, we end the month with a bang: the co-reators of the CoronaMelder app explain how to innovate and create under pressure.

Working on the development of a new app with input from thousands of others. Under great time pressure, political interference and a critical eye from society, the development of the CoronaMelder app started.

In this interactive webinar, three co-creators of the app share their experiences. Get a unique insight into different areas of expertise that contribute to the development of the app. Do you want to learn how to balance in your organization on the boundaries of user-friendliness, safety and effectiveness? Then sign up for the webinar!

Smart September is an initiative of the Talent Area Digital within YSE.

Start date:24-09-2020
End date:24-09-2020
Time:08:30 - 23:59
Location: Online

Speaker on this event:

Ivo Jansch

MD / Founder