BC is not just another content and technology event; it stands as a beacon of inspiration for the world. This remarkable gathering unites the global titans of media, entertainment, and technology, offering an immersive experience that empowers every participant to glean invaluable insights, share their unparalleled expertise, and unlock a plethora of business prospects. Rooted in its humble beginnings in 1967, IBC was born from the industry’s passion, for the industry’s betterment – a principle that resonates even stronger today. Over its illustrious 56-year journey, IBC has been an ever-adapting chameleon, evolving harmoniously with each new wave of trends and technologies. What commenced with representatives from 24 countries in its inaugural year has now burgeoned into a grand assembly, drawing exhibitors, speakers, and visitors from an astounding 170 nations worldwide.

Start date:15-09-2023
End date:18-09-2023
Time:09:30 - 16:00
Location: RAI Amsterdam