Appdevcon Conference 2020

Appdevcon is the annual meeting by app developers, for app developers. Due to the corona crisis, organizer Egeniq has chosen to offer the conference completely online. You can attend various sessions from Thursday 24 September. Whether you are an Android, iOS, Windows, Web or TV or another app developer, there is something for everyone! On September 24, the online version of Appdevcon will be kicked off by Jovche Mitrejchevski. He tells all the ins and outs about TDD on Android. You can indulge yourself as an app developer until December 10, because there are several sessions that you can attend every week. Please note, a ticket is required for some presentations. Don’t forget to request it!

Het Appdevcon programma

The Appdevcon online program consists of no less than 25 meetings, all with a different angle. Egeniq is therefore convinced that there is an interesting presentation, workshop or training for every app developer. Below you will find the full program:

  • September 24 – Outside-in TDD on Android
  • September 30 – The art of leadership, scan your team (ticket required).
  • October 6 – Practical mobile app attacks by example.
  • October 7 – Leadership, how to lead successfully (ticket required).
  • October 13 – Designing a design system.
  • October 15 – Stress, learn to redirect that energy (ticket required).
  • October 21 – Modern iOS development with swiftui (ticket lit).
  • October 22 – Modern iOS development with combine (ticket required).
  • October 27 – Building powerful android apps with aws amplify.
  • October 28 – Architecture challenges in big teams.
  • October 29 – Training emotional intelligence, the durable game changer for people and organizations (ticket required).
  • November 3 – Your first AOSP contribution.
  • November 4 – Hacking android and IOT Apps by example – day 1 (ticket required).
  • November 5 – Hacking android and IOT Apps by example – day 2 (ticket required).
  • November 10 – Hacking iOS and IOT Apps by example – day 1 (ticket required).
  • November 11 – Hacking iOS and IOT Apps by example – day 2 (ticket required).
  • November 12 – Imperative is dead, long live declarative!
  • November 17 – Efficient Android UI testing.
  • November 19 – Snapshot testing, testing the UI and beyond.
  • November 25 – Introduction to frida and objection (ticket required).
  • December 1 – Goodbye code review, hello pair programming.
  • December 3 – Developing Skills & Actions for voice assistants.
  • December 8 – Building a considerate app.
  • December 9 – Structured concurrency, I accidentally reinvented it.
  • December 10 – An introduction to property-based testing.

The full schedule including times is shown on schedule. Per session, you will find a short summary of what you can expect from the presentation, workshop or training. If necessary, you can also order a ticket directly.

Start date:24-09-2020
End date:10-12-2020
Time:08:00 - 18:00
Location: Online
Price:€ 125,-