Maurice Maas Egeniq

I am having a blast with Egeniq. I ended up in a dynamic environment in which there is a lot of room for new technology. The projects also appeal to the imagination. An ideal mix!

In need of some help with your web- or API-development activities? Then Maurice is your man. With his inspiring enthusiasm and the assistance of his colleagues, he will get the job done. What else captures his enthusiasm? Playing a relaxing game of golf or tennis, or being a couch potato and watching a good movie.

What is it like to work at Egeniq?

Within Egeniq we have a team of backend developers which I am part of. This team ensures that apps are provided with data. Also much of the business logic is handled in the backend. I have enjoyed being part of this team since early 2020. The reason for switching jobs was mainly to be more involved with new technologies and innovations. Egeniq turned out to be the right place to be. I have a broad background in web development but in a way also one-sided when it comes to the programming languages and frameworks I worked with. PHP and MySQL were my main tools and I made frequent use of well-known frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel.

My wish to come into contact with new technology in a project-based way was quickly fulfilled when I was allowed to start as a backend developer. One of the most eye-catching innovations of recent years is AWS. Although in the market with S3 for a while, Amazon is taking its Cloud computing platform to the next level in recent years. In the ‘Region News Exchange’ project I came into contact with the AWS services Lambda, Cognito, Aurora and S3. We created a backend which is responsible for conversion and routing of news articles between cooperating regional news broadcasters and the Dutch Broadcasting Agency (NPO). This could be done completely in the Cloud. Nowadays AWS supports almost any stack. In addition, it usually saves costs and provides more reliability and performance.

The ‘Region News Exchange’ project is part of a larger overarching tender that we are conducting for RPO. Various projects are currently underway to renew apps and websites for regional news providers. But other small projects also have a lot of fun factor. For instance the NPO started a service to watch a TV broadcast online with friends. Multiple video streams were linked together using a Typescript backend via AWS Lambdas and an AWS Dynamo NoSQL database. We built the Frontend with React and used sockets to manage connections. Nice idea in Corona time. Unfortunately it didn’t catch on.

Working from home is a company philosophy at Egeniq. Despite the fact that my start almost coincided with the start of the corona pandemic, as a result of which working from home was also advised by the government, I like this change better and better. The extra freedom and relaxed environment means that I can recommend it to everyone. My most important tip: make sure you have a separate office where you can work undisturbed. Furthermore, make good agreements with your family members.

Another motivation for wanting to work for Egeniq is the visibility and relevance of the projects being worked on. As a software developer it is not always easy to explain to family or friends what you are working on. Nowadays I can show my children one of the apps of Regional News Exchange, such as the Limburg news app L1.

I am currently fully engaged in a project at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Care which has a lot of attention in the Netherlands. The project supports the Source and Contact Research of Public Health Service (GGD) dealing with the Corona virus. We build native apps and web portals to help citizens and GGD employees. We could design a functionally optimal solution for these users, because we were allowed to build these systems completely from the ground up. Of course, a lot of attention is also paid to link with other back office systems of GGD and RIVM to smoothly align with the government ecosystem. So besides enjoying awesome tech, I am also working on a social valuable project.

I am having a blast with Egeniq. I ended up in a dynamic environment in which there is a lot of room for new technology. The projects also appeal to the imagination. An ideal mix!